Handmade ferret harnesses from Germany 

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Real handwork - ferret harnesses

Since 2007 I am a ferret owner myself.
Therefore I know what is important for a ferret harness.
A modern ferret harness, which was developed from practice and tested by me for many years.
tested by me for many years. The harness for your ferret is handmade by me with the help of a sewing machine.

I attach the highest importance to the benefit for you and your ferret. Large wings or tulle as with a dress you will not find therefore with me. My harnesses are nevertheless visually beautiful to look at and fulfill their purpose.
I have been sewing and selling ferret harnesses over the internet since 2010 and have been a ferret owner myself since 2007!
Ferrets are curious pets and the best way to satisfy their urge to explore is a nice ferret walk!

Of course, you shouldn't just let your ferret run free anywhere! This is where a ferret harness comes in handy, making your walk then a small but secured adventure!

In my ferret harness is more than 13 years of ferret experience and also has a lot to offer in detail!

My ETSY Shop with international shipping to many countries worldwide! 



Etsy Shop

In my Etsy store I offer different colors and shapes of ferret harnesses. I ship to many countries around the world e.g. the USA or the UK. 
All from my desk and sewing table in Germany! 
With pleasure, I advise you also with the right size finding.

All packages are shipped with tracking so you can track them easily. 

I sell ferret harnesses on various online platforms since 2010 

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